Shanghai Photographer – Philippe Roy

I am a Shanghai photographer. I arrived here in January 2003. Living and breathing Chinese culture, art and life. I specialize in giving my clients the best commercial photography in China there is.

As a Shanghai photographer I can give a quick turnaround on products made and manufactured in China. I can provide you with advertising photography, lifestyle photography, hospitality photography, fashion photography, automotive photography, still-life photography, beauty photography and much more. Many of my clients appreciate that I can provide them with images for products and campaign before their products arrive in Europe or America.

My photo studio in Shanghai is centrally located. I can use it for a number of shooting scenarios. I can shoot portrait sessions and still-life images, or from beauty campaigns to small room-sets. For larger projects requiring a very large studio, I have China photography studio partners and a well-established network that I can reach out to. It makes me flexible for any assignment you can throw at me.

Being a Shanghai photographer also allows me to cover a Asia as a territory for a number of clients. It is quite normal for me to fly to Korea, Singapore, India or even Australia for an assignment.

China photographer with a network

The China photography community is a tight knit community. So, over the years I have created trusted bonds with a number of suppliers that I come to rely upon for my client’s projects. I am able to expand from a single photographer shoot to a team of 60 different people on set. With my network I can manage and organize actors, grips, stylists and lighting technicians…

I am also the Shanghai based photography partner at Kore Studios. I am started my life as a photojournalist but upon arriving in China I migrated into commercial photography. In his spare time, he is a Shanghai fashion photographer doing a range of model portrait assignments and haircare & skincare beauty campaigns.

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